Improved Entertainment Factor for Online Slots

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When online casinos first came out several years ago, they slot games reflected the early stages of this new online service, and they weren’t really all that exciting to play. The same old 3 reel games with no real concept to the game other than to line up 3 sevens or three fruit of the same kind.

But now we are seeing a completely different type of online slot game being created for the online casinos. As we have seen a big advancement in technology the game developers are now able to write much larger programs, and that results in much more detailed slot games.

Also, home computers are a lot more powerful now and have the capability to run these larger programs with ease. And more recently we have seen a lot of mobile casinos appearing, and mobile devices also have the power and capability to run these games also.

So what the game creators have done is to build slot games that include a lot more bonus features and all round entertainment. The latest style of slot games are video slots, and these have really developed into some very interesting and entertaining games.

There have been a number of video slot games that have been designed around popular movie themes. Examples of this are the Jurassic Park slot, Terminator 2, Battlestar Galactica and The Dark Knight Rises. There are many more as well, and all these type of games, which are no also available on handy casino, have all done really well, piggy backing off the success of the movie brands.

A lot of the bigger online casinos will have a massive range of the latest slot games, and they also add new ones into their casinos on a regular basis. When new games come out, the casinos will add them on the very same day, so you will always be one of the very first players of the new slot game releases when you are a player at one of the bigger casino sites.